Happy 4th of July

I have been wondering why we are having such a hard time of late being proud of our country and proud to be an American. I am. My father faught in the war and so did my father in law. Like so many others that gave so much for our freedom. 

I love this country. I love that we can speak our minds, choose our religion, and wear what we want (within reason). 

This year has been an interesting year with a new president. The tensions seem at an all time high. Personally, I began my own business. My daughter started a new phase in life. I have made many new friends and lost a few. I renewed my faith and I am at peace with my life. 

So sit back this 4th and think just for a moment the privileges we have. Most of all enjoy your freedom and your family and friends. Be safe and love one another. 

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Empty Nest

Today I have mixed emotions about my daughter’s new life. After going to college and receiving a double BA in Political Science and Spanish. Then off to Europe to receive a Masters in International Relations. 

This week she has moved into her first apartment as an adult not a student. She is starting her new job with the government this week. 

I am so proud of her. I cannot believe that this is the same girl that would not sit still go read a book as a child. Now she is technically the smartest Lindsey. Lol. 

Now our home is empty and I have found a passion at 50 years old. I love weddings, flowers, and people. I started a group of wedding professionals, Connections for Weddings. I have met so many talents in our industry. I started my own business, I Do Weddings with Love. I have so enjoyed my clients and loved designing and creating wedding flowers and decor. 

Who said you can not start over at 50?

I Love My Clients

I started into this business by accident really. I was working as a merchandiser for a two store company where we changed the floor every two months. As the company grew so did the demands. Pretty soon I was designing florals. After years of driving all over the world, I decided that family should come first. All the sudden, I was working in a floral shop. I had to work doing the internet order gather type designs and hated every second. Then the light came on!  Why not do what I love, weddings!!!

Fast forward, I Do Weddings with Love is my baby. And I love it!!!  I get to do what i love. I think how blessed I am everyday. So go to work, I go to create and tell a story with flowers. 

My brides and families are absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough about them. The friendors teach me things every day. We really have some talented artists. True artists. They challenge me to do my best and I love it!

Thank you for all the blessings so far and I hope I get the opportunity to continue decorating and designing. 

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The Wedding Process

I had a bride contact me today regarding a quote I had given her. She thought because she went from roses to carnations there should be a drastic price difference. I would like people to realize a few things. 

To start with I take time to hear your needs. About 30 minutes to one hour of communication. Then I give a brief idea of pricing, about an hour to hour and half of time to create the initial design. I then send it to the bride about 5 minutes withnote attached. Then when accepted I do a real design for all the flowers agree upon about one hour to two hours depending on quantity. Then I go to wholesaler and handpick your flowers about 3 hours including driving to and from. I then process the flowers again depending on the quantity it could take one hour to one and half hours. I the refrigerate the flowers about an estimate of about $10 for that. The designing can be two to four hours. The costs of the “extras” including pins, ribbon, bracelets, containers to place flowers in, the preservatives to endure the freshness, the wire, you get the point. Then again storing in refrigerator until delivery. Delivery includes the insurance, the gas, the time, the set up or placement. I am a stickler about this so I end up staying for s couple hours to ensure everything is perfect. Sometimes delivery is to two places. That means three to four hours. 

I tell you this because there is so much more then the cost of a carnation versus a rose going into your orders. I love love love what I am truly blessed to be able to do. But as you see I give you so much more than flowers. I am not complaining but understand, we are here to please but also to make a living. If we do not make any profit, a business cannot continue to survive. 

This goes for all realms of the wedding. Think how many hours a planner puts in to make your day perfect, the cake designer to make your cake beautiful, the photographer the hours of taking pictures and then proofing and touch ups, the rentals with the loading and unloading of the materials requested, and the invitation designer making the perfect one of a kind invitation, and so on. 

So remember a carnation is different from a rose.  But there is so much more. 

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Community not Competition

I went to a meeting a while back I was stunned by the behavior of some of the members. Yes, it was a group meeting of professionals throughout the wedding industry. While I watched some people ignore others that were not in the “click”, I thought I was back in high school.

I find it sad that people put business and competition over making new friends. I cherish every new person I meet. They teach me how to better. I cannot put a price on that. As a result, I started a group called Connections for Weddings. I started this group so I could reach out, work with, and learn from as many people as I could. I have been truly amazed by the talents we have in this industry.

I love meeting other florists the most. See being a florist, I love seeing the artists and talents we have in this industry.

Take a moment and check out http://www.connectionsforweddings.info. If you are a bride to be, check out the talents that can help make your day a perfect day.

Beach Romance 

You can find romance anywhere and make it even more special with special tablescapes and foods. 

This uses simple shells, soft fabrics, candles, and airplants to allow the feeling of a picnic on the beach. ​

By I Do Weddings with Love www.brian_charles_films.com www.idoweddingswithlove.com



I cannot get enough of flowers and decorating. 

This week I am taking time off from the wedding world to go to the beach. I filled my car of things that make me feel good and comfortable. This included my airplants.  I got the plants to help clean the air naturally in the home. They are amazingly easy to take care of. You just let them be and water them once a week. The leaves absorb the moisture. All I do is place them under faucet and shake off the excess water. They add a beauty that I just love. 

Airplants are amazing looks in a wedding bouquets as well. Flowers can be all shapes, sizes, and colors. The look and texture is amazing. I use them in arrangements, centerpieces, even as a boutonnière.

Enjoy your day, breathe cleaner air, and add to any decor or arrangements. I Do Weddings with Love

Even Fruit

This time of year the flowers are blooming, the vegetables are beginning to produce, and the fruits are tasting sweeter. 

When you are thinking about table decorating, weather for a wedding or just an afternoon gathering, fruits are a beautiful addition. I think of them as flowers with vibrant colours and textures. 

So do not forget nature’s beautiful fruits !

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The Difference a Flower Makes

I cannot tell you how many brides to be say “flowers are not really important “. Really they are.

Think about your day. Your dress and your bouquet will be in EVERY ceremony picture. Your bouquet finishes your look for your special day. It would speak of your love, your theme, your color choices, your style, your personality.

Now I know everything has cost more than you thought. I tell my brides to ALWAYS think of it as two different arrangements. I encourage to use your bouquet as the centerpiece on your sweetheart table at the reception. Now think about that price now. Say you spend $200. Now it’s $100 for the cere and $100 for the reception. Now take your bridesmaids bouquets and do the same thing. Use them on your sign in table, your cake table, you memorial table, or on your sweetheart table as well.

I am all about reutilizing as many ways as I can think of to help the bride save a buck. In saying that, do not sell it short. Spend some money on your flowers. When you receive your pictures you will have no regrets.

The pictures show a table with no flowers to the same table with flowers. Quite the difference would you say?